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Grade R | Reception

In Grade R at Westcott Primary we are a team of three. We provide an environment to explore and learn through play. Our learners are taught and supported by a dedicated class teachers and full-time assistant who is shared between the two classes. Children wear appropriate casual clothes to school. Each class comprises 28 learners.
The Grade R classrooms are open from 07:30. Learners socialise and play quiet games with friends in their classrooms, monitored by the Grade 7 monitors and prefects before the school day begins.
The Grade R day consists of structured and creative activities and guided free playtime. Literacy and Numeracy are taught in a fun, spontaneous manner incorporating music, movement and multiple opportunities to learn new concepts.
We focus on the development of the whole child - emotionally, physically, socially and cognitively.
Our dedicated outdoor area which has been fully laid with artificial grass, is a space where the children can further develop their gross motor skills while also exercising their social skills through fun and games with their friends.
Computer lessons are included in the curriculum with small groups of learners visiting the computer centre once a week.
Our Speech and Language specialist visits the Grade R classes once a week to enrich and extend their language development.
The children have lots of fun learning about music and movement with our specialist music and physical education teachers.
The Grade R school day ends at 12:45. We offer a variety of private extra-mural activities.
Morning care and aftercare facilities are available on the school premises.

Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase at Westcott Primary incorporates all the classes from Grade R to Grade 3.  Although the Grade R classes form part of our phase they run their own dynamic programme preparing the learners for their entrance into the more formal foray of "Big School" in Grade 1.  We have 2 classes in each grade where the teachers work closley together in preparing and teaching the Curriculum.

Creative teaching takes place daily.  We pride ourselves on our Reading Programme in the Foundation Phase where learners read both formal "structured" readers and also get to choose "free readers".  The learners start at level 0 and work their way up to level 10 and 11.  They also get the chance to attend weekly library lessons where they choose books to supplement their class programme and are exposed to various genres of Literature.  We have volunteers from an NGO "Help to Read" who train volunteers who then assist learners with needs with their reading.    

Learners get the opportunity to take part in after school activities provided by outside coaches.

Intersen Phase


In our intermediate phase learners are happy to be part of a dynamic environment.  Well qualified, dedicated teachers foster a culture of a love for learning in our children.   Individuals are nurtured through various opportunities to achieve their potential.  Our staff are encouraged to keep abreast of current education trends including technological advances.

Music Department

The Music Department consists of class music, an instrumental programme as well as extra-mural activities. Class music, which is taught to the Foundation Phase, follows the CAPS curriculum and is taught by Chante Cupido. The instrumental programme, taught by ..., includes piano and descant recorder lessons. Senior learners are entered into external examinations. Extra-murals include Senior and Junior Choir, Orff, recorder ensemble and guitar. We are busy department which performs at annual Concerts, prize giving ceremonies as well as our carol services.

Art Centre

Westcott displays a high quality and standard of art throughout the school without having a designated Art Teacher.  Each class and grade is responsible for teaching art to their learners.  This is done by extremely capable teachers who constantly share ideas, look for new inspiration and attend art workshops. Learners get to explore various techniques and mediums in art through creative topics.  The passages are brightly adorned with the learners creative achievements.  Every year,  the learners work is displayed and and Art Exhibition is held where parents and friends view the art which is available to purchase.  

School Library


Our amazing Library door!  Enter to learn!                                Beautiful Library.

The learners at Westcott are privileged to have access to a colourful, vibrant library. International research shows that children who grow up reading for pleasure attain a higher standard of education than those who do not.  The aim of the school library is to provide children with books that will encourage them to read anywhere, anytime.  A number of reading related events take place during the course of the year to motivate the children to read as much as possible and to develop a life long love of reading. Classes from Grade 1 to Grade 7 have a weekly library lesson in which they have an opportunity to select books to read.  A team of Grade 7 library monitors assist in the library at second break.

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